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Full control

User accounts module gives you a full control over your organization finances.




See how easy is keeping a flights evidence.




Advanced booking system allows you to use your airplanes more effectively.




Keep your clients data in order.




List of flights performed in the organization.

Users accounts

Clients accounts management module gives you a full control over your organization finances.


Yearly, monthly and weekly flights statistics give an overview of your organization condition.


Advanced booking system is able to automatically select a proper aircraft for planned flight.


Excellent communication with your clients!

Prices management

System allows you to build highly customized list of prices for flights, trainings and other services.

Meet ATOM system

ATO-Management – modern and intuitive application facilitates users tracing their flights and account balances. They are able also to book flights. Instructors may easily enter and track flights of their students and book flights for them.




List of flights performed in the organization.


Export of list of flights to pdf file.


Quick search of flights filtered by date, type of aircraft, registration number, pilot or instructor name.


Pilot or student has an access to his or her flights history.


Charging for flights – system automatically charges client for flights according to the customized price list.

Users accounts management

ATOM makes managing of user accounts and charging for flights easier.

Quick search of clients who have negative balance and owe your organization money.


You can also see the history of payments and debit transactions and add payments to the system.

Users accounts module gives you a full view of your organization finances.


System automatically generates monthly flights statistics for every aircraft.

Flights during month

System automatically generates monthly flights statistics for all aircrafts.

Week days

System automatically generates statistics of flights grouped by days of week.

Flights - yearly

System automatically generates yearly statistics of flights for every aircraft.

Bookings of aircrafts

Advanced booking system


View bookings, availability of aircrafts or simulators, pilots and students in a calendar refreshed in a real time.

Satisfied Clients

Your clients are glad to control the booking calendar on-line.

Optimized selection of aircraft

System automatically selects proper aircraft so that the risk of an outage of many planes at the same time is minimized.

E-mail notifications

Your Clients are also notified about each event related to bookings of their interest by e-mail or sms.

Primary and standby list

If there is no free slot in a primary list user may create a booking on a standby list.

Account balance and flight ratings

System validates student/pilot’s account balance and validity of his flight ratings or medical class.


Profile data

Management of basic user data such as name, contact data.



History of flights of students, pilots and instructors. Quick filtered search. Export to .pdf files.

Account balance

ATOM automatically charges users for flights, trainings and other services. Client as well as a system administrator have an access to the history of expenses and payments.

User roles

Management of user roles. Any user may have assigned one or many available roles (student, pilot, instructor, admin,…).

Flight ratings

Management of validity of licences, ratings and medical classes.

Instructor profile

Administrator may assign each flight instructor to one or more aircrafts that he is allowed to give instructions on.

Prices management

You as an admin have a powerful tool such as highly customizable prices manager.


Custom prices

Prices for your clients may vary depending on aircraft, type of training, day of week, day hour, even pilot’s membership or his individually negotiated package.


More than one account type

System administrator may define one or many account types, for example ‚flights’, ‚theory classes’,…


Automatic fees

ATOM automatically charges pilot or student for a flight or a lesson given according to the price list.

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Monthly fee

ATOM system is available for a monthly fee. Contact us for more details.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

ATOM works as a Software as a Service. It is deployed on our servers and does not require any additional software.


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